About Rent Buy Live

About Rent Buy Livefind-properties-for-sale

Rent Buy Live is one of the UK’s largest property portals. Our aim is to not only be the number one place for all property listings & property search, but to also provide an exceedingly satisfactory service, for both the public consumer and the business user.

As such, our practices, conduct and pricing reflects the changes that the market has been so eager to see. Simply put – we offer the highest quality of service and we do not hike our prices, ever.

We are pioneering a rapid market restructure, which combines the highest level of smart property search and online property listings, with the lowest cost to professional Agents using our services – a highly demanded and most welcome change! Naturally, Rent Buy Live is completely free to use by the public.

Our website and mobile platforms offer a state-of-the-art, universal, smart property search, which is both visually attractive and easy to navigate. We aim to provide easy access to a host of information that allows you to simply choose the property you wish to Rent, Buy and Live in.

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